Châqujour,是由荣膺多项风尚设计大奖的法国设计师Monette Benoît携亚洲内衣美学专业团队,为追寻优雅与品质的女性倾情打造的新概念时尚内衣品牌。

“Belle, à partir de l'extérieur et de l'intérieur.”(美丽,由外及内。)是Châqujour融贯全线作品的创意理念。甄选来自全球的15款上乘面料,将风雅极致的创意与繁复成熟的工艺渗透于每件内衣之中,30道精工定制标准,以匠人之心成就优雅精致的经典风范。

Chaqujour, is made in a number of fashion design award of French designer Monette Benoit aesthetics professional team, with the Asian underwear for women in pursuit of elegance and quality to create the new concept of fashion underwear brand. "Belle, a partir DE l 'exterieur et DE l' interieur." (beauty, by inside and outside. Is the Chaqujour melt penetration across the work of innovative ideas. Selection from around the world 15 good fabrics, the most artistic creativity and penetrates each underwear and mature technology, seiko and customized 30, in the heart of craftsmen achievement elegant delicate classic style. At the same time, in the new design of each season, Chaqujour will be adopted for Paris fashion fashion elements as the best line in the quarter, with rich color and decent clipping, combination of fashion design gimmick, by inside and outside to meet women for noble desire to delicate and sexy.
Every morning, is the result of Chaqujour French elegance, add your point with a beautiful sweet Joan, transmission time shake the trip, colorful and cozy.